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How to Keep Android on Silent Automatically via Mr. Silent

Written by Sibtain Ali. Posted in Android, App, How To

Mr Silent

There comes a situation with Android users where they need to silent their phones either to vibration or complete silence. This may be the case when you are out for work, at a meeting, in a public place or any place, hospital, cinema or any such place where you don’t want to grab attraction of people while your phone is ringing. In such a situation you may want to get an automation process through which you can set your phone to silent to avoid any embarrassing situation if you forget to manually silent your phone.

How to Lock Google Chrome using Google Account

Written by Sibtain Ali. Posted in Chrome, Google, How To


Most of the folks are not pretty much satisfied with their system protection especially when many people have physical access to their system. They can be your friends, family members, colleagues or any relative visiting you occasionally. Finally this may be a sign to security breach that obviously is not acceptable if you have any private content that you don’t want to get leaked.

How to Improve Android Privacy by Locking Wi-Fi Settings

Written by Sibtain Ali. Posted in Android, How To


It has been recently discovered by Electronic Frontier Foundation that most of the Android devices leak Wi-Fi connection history data to people around within range. This history contains the name of Wi-Fi networks to which the device has been connected in past. Though it may contain secret names but also names like “Home”, “London Heathrow Airport” or “Tom’s Mancave” that are easily identifiable through location.

How to Verify Files in Two Directories via Checksum Compare

Written by Sibtain Ali. Posted in App, How To


Sometimes there comes a situation when you need to verify that two files in diffrent folders and locations are identical. This may be the case to verify the files that were backed up correctly and without issues to another location, or to make sure that development and productive environment files are identical. However you can check files manually but this is limited to a small number of files. 

How to Turn Off or Turn On System Restore

Written by Sibtain Ali. Posted in How To, Windows

turn off

Creating your system and restoring system from these points is one of the most useful features in Windows. Even it is quiet handy feature but still some of the users may want to disable it for all or part of their partition. You may also be interested in configuring the space that is used by system restore points. If these are your concerns regarding system restore point then this guide may stand as an eye candy for you.

How to Verify Links on Web Pages using Check My Links

Written by Sibtain Ali. Posted in Chrome, How To

Check My Links

If you are a web master you should be concerned for one thing sensitively that links are working properly on your site. If links are broken they may cause bad user experience along with other hitches. You should see that the links are proper. For instance you have reviewed a software and the link to it is broken. There may be several reasons for this broken link. Either you make a mistake while pasting the link into article or maybe the site the program was hosted on moved or was deleted by its author.

How to Add Animated PNG support to Google Chrome

Written by Sibtain Ali. Posted in Chrome, How To, Microsoft, Windows


If we talk about different formats of image files animated PNG files works in a similar way like GIF files on internet. But PNG files offer some advantages over GIF like they offer support for 24-bit and 8-bit transparency which gifs do not support.  PNG files are often found interesting because of their transparency and the fact that they support 24-bit colors.