How to Block Websites on Firefox using Minimal Site Block


If you want to block any website you have quiet very few options at your end. The options that one has for blocking a website include use of hosts file that blocks the site on a system-wide level, configuring firewall rules to have similar effect, another option is to use DNS provider which allows you filtering, or simply block particular URLs or websites in any program directly. Of all the mentioned, the last one is not that much effective as it deals with blocking sites for others like blocking sites for children s that they cannot access them.

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How to Convert Windows XP to Virtual Machine via VirtualXP

Virtual Machine

If you are one from those who are not much connected to technology news you might not have been acquainted with the fact that Microsoft months ago decided to take up Windows XP from market and they did so. The Windows XP operating system is no more available for download. If you are one from those who are still using Windows XP you should keep in mind that although you can use it but Microsoft will no more offer you any patches for security that ultimately expose your operating system to  vulnerable exploits after the support ends.

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How to Fix Network Related Issues


While repairing computers the most irritating thing is to fix something related to printers or network connections when they are not working. For such a situation a fix tool is obviously the most appropriate way to deal these issues. A fix tool speeds up the repair process and offers you the easiest way of dealing with such issues. NetAdapter Repair All In One is a free open source program that best fit in such a situation.

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How to switch to 64-bit version of Chrome from 32-bit Version

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers available around. The web browser from Google is used most commonly among web users because of the features that it offers. Most of the features that Chrome offers are limited to this web browser for instance it shows you suggestions of web addresses when you attempt to open any specific web address. It not only learns the web addresses that you use frequently but also suggest you the most famous web addresses around the globe.

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How to Play & Record Music via Audials


Many folks out there used to listen to music in their leisure time and most often when they are out of their house while travelling. Although many folks prefer to listen to music but some may prefer to listen non-fictional audiobooks who are not as much music lovers as others are. There are many ways to listen to music either form Google Play or Internet Radio or even from your Device’s stored Music Collection.

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How to Install Linux on Device without DVD Drive


There comes a time when you are out of spare Windows Product Key and you have a device over which you need to install new version of Windows. In such a situation you have to switch over other Operating system like Linux. This could be a situation when you have an older version of Windows on your device like laptop and you don’t want to use that older version any more.

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How to block websites from hijacking keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts come handy when it comes about speeding up your work on PC. Using keyboard shortcuts you can easily reduce the time of certain operations on PC.  There many keyboard shortcuts widely used on PC for instance Ctrl-t opens a new tab, Ctrl-s saves the displayed content to the local system, and Ctrl-l moves the cursor to the browser’s address bar.

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