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Call of Duty Black Ops Cheats and Cheat Codes List [Guide]

Written by Sibtain Ali. Posted in Gaming


The best game of history is none other than Call of Duty Black Ops. I don’t want to b a judge, but the numbers speaks up by them as this game is the best selling game ever. This game is played by million players daily. If some how you got tired or bored of the games you can spice up things, then here are the Call of Duty Black Ops cheats and cheat codes for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.

Please note that these cheat codes are applicable on all major plat forms; however some cheats are only applicable to specific game consoles. But don’t worry we are going to specify that which of these codes work

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cheats and Cheat Codes

It is very easy to reveal the command menu to enter the cheats on all plat forms. If you are using a computer, just go to main menu and hold the space key. If you are using a PS3 or Xbox 360, then hit the right and left triggers on your controller. After which you will notice that you will stand up from the chair. Move away from your place and go to the black wall where you will find a black and white computer. Go to it and enter the codes in the Central Intelligence Agency Data System directory.

  • Alicia: this command will load Alicia who is a therapist;
  • DIR: this command will display a list of special audio / photo files which can be opened using the CAT command;
  • DOA: this command will allow you to play the Dead Ops mini-game;
  • FOOBAR: this command display an unusual message – Fee Fie Foe Foo;
  • HELLO SAILOR: this command will unlock the Zork I The Great Underground Empire mini-game;
  • HELP: this command will display a list of special commands which will help you read emails and perform other actions;
  • RLOGIN: this command will allow you to sign in using your login credentials;
  • WHO: this command will display login credentials for the aforementioned RLOGIN command;
  • ZORK: this command will unlock the Zork I The Great Underground Empire game like the aforementioned command;
  • 3ARC INTEL: this command unlocks all game intel, but you won’t be able to get trophies or achievements;
  • 3ARC UNLOCK: this command will unlock all Black Ops levels including the Zombie levels.
Call Of Duty Black Ops Cheats and Cheat Codes for PC
  1. Open the COD Black Ops /players/config.cfg file on your computer using Notepad;
  2. Go to the “seta monkeytoy” line and set the value to 0 (zero);
  3. Hit the “~” key to bring the Single-Player console.
Now enter the following cheat codes to get anything you need in the game:
  1. /give all – all weapons will be unlocked for you;
  2. /god – God mode will be enabled;
  3. /noclip – clipping is now off;
  4. cg_drawfps 1 – display the frames per second amount.
How to use the RLOGIN command and read the emails of people in the game. You can find the login credentials below!
  • Alex Mason: User: AMASON / Password: PASSWORD;
  • Bruce Harris: BHARRIS/GOSKINS;
  • D. King: DKING/MFK;
  • DR. Adrienne Smith: ASMITH/ROXY;
  • Frank Woods: FWOODS/PHILLY;
  • Grigori Weaver: GWEAVER/GEDEON;
  • Jason Hudson: JHUDSON/BRYANT1950;
  • John F. Kennedy: JFKENNEDY/LANCER;
  • John McCone: JMCCONE/BERKLEY22;
  • Joseph Bowman: JBOWMAN/UWD;
  • Lyndon Jackson: LBJOHNSON/LADYBIRD;
  • Richard Helms: RHELMS/LEROSEY;
  • Richard Nixon: RNIXON/CHECKERS;
  • Richard Kain: RKAIN/SUNWU;
  • T. Walker: TWALKER/RADIO;
  • Terrance Brooks: TBROOKS/LAUREN;

Use the following command: RLOGIN DREAMLAND to log into an account with a MJ12 access!

How to unlock Zombie Move without using Black Ops cheats
  • Beat the game in any difficulty and you can play as Castro, Kennedy, McNamara, or Nixon in the Pentagon Map.
How to unlock Thundergun in Black Ops Campaign Mode
  1. Reach the Numbers level.
  2. Wait for the interrogation to finish.
  3. Search for 6 canisters.
  4. Throw two or more grenades in the left and right of the canisters.
  5. Start shooting the other canisters until smokes starts appearing.
  6. Wait for the black tape to come out of the cassette deck.
  7. Use your designated action button to grab the black tape.
  8. Go upstairs, just outside the room.
  9. Kill all the people on that floor.
  10. Go to the rooftop.
  11. Wait for Clark and Weaver to move the fridge to reveal the weapons deck.
  12. A cassette player will be there and you will have to use your action button to introduce the black tape in the aforementioned cassette player.
  13. Music will start playing, the screen will start shaking, and the Thundergun will show up.
How to unlock the Black Ops Custom Class Shots
  • The custom class shots can only be unlocked by reaching certain “Prestige” Black Ops levels.
  1. Reach the 1st Prestige to unlock the 6th class slot
  2. Reach the 3rd Prestige to unlock the 7th class slot
  3. Reach the 5th Prestige to unlock the 8th class slot
  4. Reach the 7th Prestige to unlock the 9th class slot
  5. Reach the 9th Prestige to unlock the 10th class slot
How to use the Pack-A-Punch in the Five Zombie map
  1. Crawl in the middle room.
  2. Change the DEFCON status to DEFCON 5.
  3. Now all teleporters will send you to the Presidential suite.
  4. Find the three switches in this room, and the last switch downstairs.
Call Of Duty Black Ops Pack-A-Punch Weapons
  • AK74: AK74FU2 – Improved damage and added grenade launcher;
  • AUG: AUG-50M3 – Improved damage, bigger clip, and added shotgun;
  • Ballistic Knife: The Kraus Refribrilator – Better clip and better knives;
  • China Lake: China Beach – Improved damage and more clip;
  • Commando: Predator – Improved damage and bigger clip;
  • Crossbow Explosive Tip: Awful Lawton – Improved damage and bigger clip;
  • CS 75: Calamity – Semi-automatic and improved damage;
  • CS 75 and Dual-Wield: Calamity and Jane – Semi-automatic and improved damage;
  • Dragunov: D115 Disassembler – Improved damage and scope with zoom;
  • Famas: G16-GL35 – Improved damage with a smile scope;
  • FN FAL: Epic Win – Improved damage, bigger scope, and three-round burst fire;
  • Galil: Lemantation – Improved damage, bigger clip, and added scope;
  • G11: G115 Generator – Improved damage;
  • HK21: H115 Oscilator – Improved damage;
  • HS10: Typhoid and Mary – Improved damage, better spread, and twin-shotguns;
  • L96A1: L115 Isolator – Improved damage and scope with zoom;
  • M14: Minitia – Better damage along with a two-round burst fire;
  • M16: SkullCrusher – Automatic weapon with grenade launcher;
  • M72 Law: M72 Anarchy – Semi-automatic and more clip;
  • MP4 – AfterBurner – Improved damage;
  • MP5K – MP115Kolider – Improved damage;
  • MPL: MPL-LF – Improved damage;
  • Olympia: Hades – Improved damage and spread;
  • Pistol: Mustand and Sally – Twin-grenade-launcher;
  • PM63: Tokyo and Rose – Twin-submachine-guns and improved damage;
  • Ray Gun: PortersX2 Ray-Gun – Improved damage and bigger clip;
  • RPK: R115 Resonator – Improved damage and more clip;
  • Python: Cobra – Improved damage and more clip;
  • Spas 12: Spaz-24 – Improved damage, more clip, and better spread.
  • Stakeout: Raid – Improved damage and spread, and more clip;
  • Thundergun: Zeuscannon – Improved damage and bigger clip.
How to complete the Battle Of Khe Sanh mission in COD Black Ops
  1. It is very hard to clear the trenches without using this trick. Now that you understood this, let’s move on.
  2. The game hints at the barrels of napalm, however, you can blow them up using your weapons or grenades or machineguns.
  3. You will have to go to the barrels on top of the hill and kick’em down to the trenches.
  4. Anyway – show the Vietcong army until you can move to the first barrel and kick it down to the trenches.
  5. The barrels of napalm will blow up and you be able to clear the trenches.
Call Of Duty Black Ops Easter Eggs
  1. Change Music: In the “Five” map in Zombies mode, go to the red phones;
  2. Press the designated button and change the music in the background to Eminem – Don’t Back Down;
  3. In “Nuketown” shoot directly into the heads of the mannequins to change the music to Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil;
  4. In the “Kino Der Toten” map in Zombies mode go into the upstairs room;
  5. Look to the right and you’ll see five photos, and if you check them out closely, then you’re going to hear some stores about each and one of them;
  6. In the “Kino Der Toten” map in Zombies mode, you will have to find three pieces of a meteorite, in the boiler room, dressing room, and by the stairs when the map begins;
  7. When you find a piece, a few interesting words will be said about the meteorite;
  8. After all three meteorite pieces are found, the Elena Sigman – 115 song will be played.


  1. Secret Film: In the “Kino Der Toten” map in Zombies mode, go to the teleporter located in front of the curtains;
  2. Use the teleporter and you’ll be teleported in the Pack-A-Punch machine room;
  3. Wait for a few seconds or until you will be teleported to a secret room;
  4. Check out the desk which contains the Presidential seal along with a projector;
  5. Pick up the film roll and use the projector.

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