How To Open A .exe File On Mac OS X


Exe files are basically windows executable files and If you’re a Mac OS X user then it’s pretty hard for you to run these type of files without some tricks and tweaks though it is quite easier to do this task, if only you’re having an Intel processor and MAC OS X 10.4 or higher.

This article will help you learn two possible ways through which you can run Exe files on Mac OS X.

Using Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, or VMWare Fusion :

Before I start of, let me tell you a reason that why you can’t run Exe files on your Mac OS X, this is actually because Windows Os and this Mac OS X uses different type of codes. So, if you’ve got both of these operating systems installed on your Intel Mac (By using Boot Camp, Parallel Windows) What you must do is, open up these Exe files in the Windows side. Now let’s see how :

1 - Using : Boot Camp : Mac OS X 10.5 and other upgraded versions already include this software. You must be having Service Pack 2 for your Windows OS, if you want this thing to work or Windows Vista, keeping in mind that OEM versions are not supported by this program. That’s quite obvious now that only one OS can be run at a time but remember if you’re in need of saving files or you’ve the access to read/write. You should be having a Fat32 partition on your hard drive.

2 - Using VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop : These programs are going to cost you around $80 and unlike Boot Camp which can’t run more than a single operating system all together, you can make these programs work on both of the OS. You will be needing a Windows copy and that’s it.

3 - Using VirtualBox : Things are quite similar even here as with the Mware Fusion or Parallel desktop, did you know that SunMicrosystems only provide it for free, rest charges you. I know you will ask me about the Windows OS now, If you don’t already have it, get one for yourself but Virtual Box holds some great compatibility.

Using Darwine (Other Way)

This is actually a free way of running Exe files on your Mac OS X but  first you have to install Mac OS X11 on your system before starting up with this procedure, find out that whether or not you’re using this version, go to HD/Applications/Utilities.

1 - Download Darwine from Here.

2 – Double click on ‘Dmg’ file and install it on your system.

3 - In order to run an Exe file, right click on it and go to ‘Open With’ option. Now, select ‘Other’ and locate “Mac HD/Applications/Utilities/Darwine/WineHelper”

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