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Recently I downloaded an application that enclosed a file with .db extension. First I didn’t know how to open this type of file extension so I hopped on to Google to find a way. Luckily I found a method to open .db files and would also like to share with you.

What is .db file?

The .db file could besides be a Windows thumbnail store file which stacks thumbnail images for Windows Explorer’s thumbnail view. The Windows thumbnail cache file will always have a name called thumbs.db. Moreover, .db files are database files that are formed in well-known insubstantial database SQLite. The .db files can be formed by numerous applications counting Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and other apps to store information.

How to open .db files in Windows

To open files that have .db extensions which are not named thumbs.db, you will need to download the SQLite Database Browser from, here. After downloading and extracting the software, double click on the executable name SQLite Database Browser. After that follow the steps below:

Step#1: Click on File -> Open and select the .db file you want to open.

Step#2: If the file is an appropriate SQLite Database, you will be able to view the database tables and composition in the SQLite Database Browser as shown above.

How to open .db files in Mac

Similarly you can view and open .db files in Mac for this first go to download the SQLite Database Browser from here. follow the belowt instructions.

  1. Staying in the software Click on File than Open and browse the .db file you want to view or open.
  2. Now you will get the same result as shown in the picture in case of a an appropriate file. You will get a view into the .db file containing tables and composition as shown in SQLite Database Browser.

How to open .db files in Linux

To view and open .db files in Linux you will have to download the SQLite Database Browser from here. further actions are given below.

  1. Here you need to Click on File then open the selected .db file to view or open.
  2. In next step you will be able to view the inside of that .db file, this is how you will be able to view and open the .db file in Linux.

(Occasionally when you open a .db file, an error might appear stating that the file is not a SQLite Database. In that situation, open the file in a text editor to view its stuff. If your system is operated by windows, you can as well try to open the file with Microsoft Access. Keep in mind that thumbs.db is not a database file and cannot be opened using the above software.)

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