Classic Shell For Windows 8 available for Download

Classic-Shell-for-Windows 8

Classic Shell stands as the most popular Windows enhancement tool has been updated to support the latest OS Windows 8 completely. This updated version supports both x86 and x64 version of Windows 8 and is presently available for download.

The ones who are unaware, Classic Shell is a free tool to help you fix Windows announces and also helps you to add missing features as well. In other words, it lets you add features that were present in previous versions of Windows but are not available in the latest Windows versions.

In short, with the help of it you can enable various features of Windows XP and Vista in Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. Simply it adds the missing Start menu in Windows 8, enable the good XP style toolbar in Windows Explorer, and many more handy features.

By installing the tool the user can easily customize the appearance and feel of the Explorer in a moment. You can pick in between Windows XP classic, Windows XP simple and Windows Vista style navigation pane, show/hide the horizontal scrollbar, hide the search box that appears in the upper right corner, customize the classic explorer toolbar, add icon overlay for shared folders (a very handy feature), show sort headers in all views (another handy feature of Vista), and many more.

Pretty alike Windows Explorer you can also customize the classic Start menu as well. Those who are concerned to get the Start menu in Windows 8 should check out this tool. Lots of options are there to change classic Start menu settings.

It is to be noted that when you get started with Classic Shell settings you will view only the basic settings. In case you want to see the advanced settings then you have to select All Settings option present in the bottom left of the window. It also let you backup all your custom settings to an XML file as well. Right-click on the Start orb and click Exit to close the application.

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