How To Reset Windows 8 Without DVD


Microsoft has put two most interesting useful features in the latest Windows 8, Refresh PC and Reset PC through which users can easily set back their PCs to default settings for fixing any issues that they are facing. This is done by refreshing settings or resetting everything. These features easily set defaults by deleting data and installed apps.

For those who are not aware f these features, Refresh PC is responsible to restore all Windows settings to their defaults without deleting your documents, music and other files while Reset PC reinstalls Windows and wipes out everything, including your files.

The only catch is that you may be asked to insert Windows installation or recovery media during Reset PC or Refresh PC operation. At launch Reset or Refresh PC function, you may get “Insert media: Some files are missing. Your Windows installation or recovery media will provide these files” message.

insert media message

Although we have the Windows 8 installation media so it’s always good idea to make basic changes to the default settings so that you can reset without inserting the installation or recovery media.

The users who want to Reset PC operation without using any bootable media can follow our below provided instructions.

How to prepare your Win 8 to start Reset PC operation without the installation media:

1st Step: first of all you need to create a folder named Win 8 in the root of Windows 8 drive. Means if you have if your Windows 8 drive is “C”, then you need to create the folder under “C” drive.

2nd Step: After creating folder, insert the Windows 8 installation media, now browse to the Source folder and copy install.wim file to the previously created Win8 folder in your Windows 8 drive.

NOTE: If you have Windows 8 ISO file, simply right-click on the file and then select Mount option. You can then browse to the Source folder to copy the install.wim file.

3rd Step: now launch the elevated prompt. For doing this, type CMD in Start screen and then simultaneously press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to launch Command Prompt with admin rights

4th Step: in this elevated prompt execute the following command:

reagentc.exe /setosimage /path C:\Win8 /target c:\Windows /Index 1

elevated prompt

5th Step: Now just close the Command Prompt. That’s done! Now follow the below provided to Reset PC or Refresh PC operation.

How to Reset or Refresh Windows 8 PC without the Installation Media:

1st Step: Press Windows + I keys followed by Enter key in order to launch Metro Control Panel or PC settings.

step 1

2nd Step: In the Metro Control Panel, go to the left pane and click on General to see Reset your PC and Refresh your PC options. Click onto the Get Started button under Reset your PC or Refresh your PC. This time you would not be asked to insert the installation or recovery media.

How to Prepare your PC to perform Refresh PC operation without installation media:

This method involves creating a custom Windows image to Refresh your PC. In other words, from following this procedure, you can create your system image backup of your current state of Windows, including installed apps and custom settings, so that this custom image can be used for Refresh PC operation.


1st Step: create a folder with title Win8Image anywhere on your HDD where you want to save your custom image. Keep in mind that the drive should have enough free space before proceeding to the next step. This space required to save the image depends on all the applications and other files in the Windows drive.

2nd Step: now open the Command Prompt as administrator and exute the below provided command there:

rcimage –CreateImage D:\Win8Image

D:\Win8Image refers to the location that has previously been created to save the image file.

This is all! You are done with it.  Now you can visit PC settings (Metro Control Panel) to start Refresh PC operation. At the time of performing the Refresh PC operation this newly created image will be used as base image and will be used for the task.

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