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How to create an ISO image in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Written by Sibtain Ali. Posted in Apple, Mac, Macbook, MacOS


Creating and ISO image in Mac OS X Mountain Lion has become very easy since a Disk Utility application is there from Apple already in all Mac. Although it has worth in the market and you can buy but don’t worry because by using Disk Utility application we will let you know how to create an Mac OS X Mountain Lion ISO Image.

Let me suggest you it would be good if you store the image file any where from where it would be easy to find for the Disk Utility app.
The procedure is very simple and similar to all OSX versions, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Tiger, lets begin the process.
There are several ways to create Disk Image by using folder , from DVD and From ISO Image.

How to  Create new Disk Image

1.Create from Folder
You need to copy the whole data in a folder like (~/Desktop/Isocontent)
Than Select File -> New -> Disk Image From Folder


When the image dialog box appear select the Folder in which we have already put all of the stuff (e.g. ~/Desktop/ISOCONTENT)

 Now the message prompt on next to save the image, now select  the following option for Image Format & Encryption and save to the Desktop


2. Creating Disk Image Using DVD

- Here click the DVD drive in Disk Utility Application

Than Select File -> New -> Disk Image From “”


Now you need to save the image and select  the following option for Image Format & Encryption and save to the Desktop


3. Create ISO from the Image

Now refer to the folder or image which you already have on Desktop in folder or DVD on your Desktop (with extension .cdr)

- Follow the next step creating the ISO from this image file

- Open Terminal (using Spotlight for quick find)

- Issue these command

    cd ~/Desktop
hdiutil makehybrid -iso -joliet -o myiso.iso myiso.cdr

(Change the name of myiso.iso and myiso.cdr to your own file name)

Now Wait till the final ISO Arrives

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Comments (6)

  • jimmy


    I can’t create ISO from the image, as follow step #3. Thank you,


  • Frank


    Skip the -robert from the command


  • Zeeshan Ahmed


    EXCELLENT !!!!


  • luiseduardocolon


    the hdutil parameters on step 3 are out of order – it should be: hdutil makehybrid -o myiso.iso -iso -joliet myiso.cdr — the format is -o [output file] [options] [input file]


  • kv




  • mathieu




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