How To Connect Computer, PC, Laptop To LCD TV, LED TV, HDTV


Connecting your computer to the LCD TV, LED TV, HDTV is a very easy task but sometimes when it is an urgent need we try to remember the ways to connect our Laptop/PC to the LCD TV, LED TV, HDTV, Today we will let you know about several ways to connect your computer with your LCD TV, LED TV, HDTV.

Laptop/PC can be connect through many ways out of some we will discuss today like using S-Video Cable, Using DVI Cable, VGA Cable, DVI to HDMI Cable and Scan Converter Box.

How to Connect Laptop to TV using S-Video, VGA Connector , HDMI and DVI

If you have obsereved in most computers you have seen the S-Video port and this S-Video input also given at the cable panel of your TV, there are two types of S-Video cables are available in the market (4 Pins and 7Pins) and it is a very cheap cable, If you are using old monitor than you can use the 15-pin VGA cable to connect TV with your computer, VGA cable will give you batter result than a S-Video Cable.

If you have a latest HDTV and you want to connect it to your computer go to the cable panel of your TV and find out DVI port that can be connected via DVI male to male cable, In some cases you might not have a DVI cable in your TV so you have an option to connect your computer with your TV using DVI to HDMI adapter cable, this would be a high performance cabel and you may connect DVI in your computers DVI port and insert HDMI Cable into your HDTV.

Scan Convertor Box is the method by which takes a VGA signal and converts it into S-Video or component video using Scan Convertor Box having VGA and S-Video Port inside it.

Connect the Audio RCA Cable for Sound

Now you have done all prerequisits to connect your video cables from your computer to the TV, but for audio you need to use Mini RCA cable for sound.
Ok what we will do now connect the red cable connector in the red sochet available at the end of your TV and similarly the Black cable will goes into the Black socket, rest black connector will goes to the 3.5 mm headphone jack of your Laptop/Pc.

Setting to Perform in Laptop/Computer to View the Video On TV

Go to the desktop and right click than personalize your windows to access the “Display Settings” when you will get the screen go to the output device and select TV there, you may also extend the display just like a dual monitor screen to mirror content from your computer.

If you are using Windows 7 and Windows 8, you may use the keyboard shortcut Windows + P to quickly access the display settings or search for “Connect to External Display” in the Windows Run box.

Now its time to pickup your TV remote get into the menu and switch to the “External Inputs”, here you will have to change the default  “video 1” to a different selection which may be “HDMI 1” or “Video 2” depending what you are using to connect your TV.

After all that you need to keep in your mind that you have to change the Screen resolution of your TV using “Display Setting” in your control panel otherwise you may get distorted picture.

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