Free VPN Service Providers List and Software’s for 2012.


There is a demand of VPN (Virtual Private Network) increased due to the internet censorship and visitor tracking has become very common through the world many of the websites accessing your private information using cookies at the end of your computer, similarly internet censorship is on worldwide like in some of the countries several websites including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and other services like you may not use Skype in many of the countries due to the internet and communication policy.

What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Before coming to the details or Free available VPN let me explain what is VPN and how it works, Virtual Private Network is a technology which uses the internet to connect another intermediate network or remote computer in it that would be inaccessible, in simple words a VPN provides a level of security by which all traffic connect and sent through an isolated channel, VPN can connect individual users to a remote network or connect multiple networks together.  

By using VPNs, users are able to access resources on remote networks, such as files, printers, databases, or internal websites. VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are commonly available in two types one is paid and other is Free, both the VPN are required authentication and encryption, Today we are going to discuss some VPN utilities which are available in Free.



Mx VPN is one of the renowned VPN service providers which sales US IP VPN for Chinese web surfers. It is also available in For free, but Free users may get  the monthly bandwidth upto 1GB. Mx VPN client software is very easy at the time of login to the client software, you will see a list of available servers. The only thing that they don’t allow large file downloads and P2P activities otherwise it is a good option to access Facebook, twitter or watch YouTube videos using free VPN servers.


Hideman VPN

Hideman is a best VPN provider that is offering a free service basic and paid commercial services. IT has some good plans which supports for OpenVPN and PPtP and data encryption. Hideman VPN free version is limited to 2 GB per month traffic and the speed limit is 512 Kb/s in peak hours. In Free version you may also don’t get port forwarding or changing the IP on the fly.



Free VPN Servers

Free VPN Servers is another Free service, by using Free VPN Servers you may use PPTP VPN service it doesn’t required client software and no ads will seen, As per they always change the password after 30 minutes but it will not effect if you are already connected to their VPN Server.  

your freedom


Freedom-IP is the VPN by which you may connect the secure internet anonymously, this is a French VPN and their server is located in Netherland. This VPN server offers the unique and unlimited VPN services in Free, by using Freedom-IP you can use unlimited traffic without any filter, No stored data like logs , IP and traffic.

The Website of Freedom-IP is available in French language so it may cause a problem for those who are unaware of French language but don’t worry you have google translate to handle this issue



Ultra VPN

Ultra VPN is a very good vpn service. In UltraVPN you will find a client/server SSL VPN solution based on OpenVPN. Ultra VPN encrypts your network connection and give an anonymous access. IT becomes wonderful when you use it to get access of or, you may also access several blocked websites from within a corporate environment, you may also connect and logon MSN if it’s blocked, use VoIP software like Skype if it’s blocked.


Anchor Free For Mac and Windows PC

Anchor Free is one of the renowned VPN service most commonly used software which is very easy to install, earlier it was all Free but recently they have launched their paid version with some value added features, there is not much difference in paid and Free version, if you are using a paid version no add will be shown at your all access pages but if free than at the top of your pages you will see one ad. Anchor Free is available for Mac and Windows both Pc’s.




CyberGhost is also a wonderful free VPN service it is a Germen based service and available in both paid and Free versions. The only difference in Free that you are limited to 10GB traffic limit every month.


Security Kiss VPN for Mac, Linux and Windows

Security Kiss is a great VPN service which is available for Mac, Linux and Windows, Security Kiss is 100% add free and give you the convenience to switch unlimited server daily in free, it is free for life time but security Kiss Free version can only be used in Windows Pc rest are paid, in free version it gives 300MB daily traffic limit which is normally enough for routine work.




USAIP is a free vpn service, you don’t need to put any registration but it has limitations in Free version like the speed limit is upto 200kbps and it will disconnect you after each 7 minutes, one thing is good that if you are a blog or a website owner you can get a paid account for free from USAIP

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