What CCC.Exe, Atiedxx.exe, Atiesrxx.exe, Mom.exe & CLIStart.exe are?


All the folks out there who are owners of an AMD ATI Radeon video card must have noticed the four processes ccc.exe, atiedxx.exe, atiesrxx.exe and mom.exe when they open up the Windows Task Manager. All these processes are installed along with the installation of the ATI Catalyst driver package for the Windows operating system. But the question here is what these processes doing or providing and is it really necessary to have them running all the time on the computer system?

Atiedxx.exe and atiesrxx.exe are the AMD External Events Client Module and AMD External Events Service Module. Both these processes are accomplished when the Windows Service AMD External Events Utility is started. This service was known as the ATI Hotkey Poller in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

It means this service is responsible to provide hotkey access to various ATI features. Therefore it is recommended to disable these services if hotkeys are not used to manage ATI features.

To open the services configuration menu Enter [services.msc] in the Windows start menu form or press [Windows R] to enter [services.msc]. Locate the AMD External Events Utility in the list of services. You can open the properties of the service by a double click. Make sure to change the startup type from Automatic to Disabled and to Stop the service in the same menu.


By doing this you will instantly stop the processes atiedxx.exe and atiesrxx.exe from running on the computer system and since the startup type was changed to disabled it will prevent the service from being started on Windows startup.

Disabling the service might produce rare problems on some systems that features like the overdrive functionality are no longer working. The service should be enabled again if problems occur.

CLIStart.exe is by default executed on startup of the computer system. It will start the processes ccc.exe and mom.exe which are used to provide access to Ati’s Catalyst Control Center.

Ccc.exe is defined as the Catalyst Control Centre means it’s a Host application and mom.exe as the Catalyst Control Center means Monitoring Program.

Disabling or removing CliStart.exe from the Windows startup list will stop ccc.exe and mom.exe from being loaded during system start. Most often it’s not a problem as the video drivers are loaded independently from those processes.

Opening the Catalyst Control Center will start those two processes immediately which make it somewhat unnecessary to start ccc.exe and mom.exe on startup.

So it is recommended to disable clistart.exe from running on Windows startup. You can achieve this by typing in [msconfig.exe] in the Vista or Windows 7 start menu run box or by pressing [Windows R] and typing [msconfig.exe] in there.

The startup tab in the System Configuration window contains the startup entries. Some of them might be disabled already. All items with a checkmark are enabled and will be executed on system start. Removing the checkmark from Catalyst Control Center ensures that mom.exe and ccc.exe are not executed on system startup.

There should not be any problems related to disabling clistart.exe from running on system startup. Re-enabling the startup item is the fix if problems are encountered.

AMD Ati drivers run four different processes on a Windows system by default which is all not needed to operate the system. Therefore we recommend you to disable all of them in order to save up some of your computer memory. 

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