What is ConHost.exe & How to Fix ConHost.exe Error?

ConHost.exe Error

ConHost.exe is a genuine Windows process that is used to control various important “Console Host Process” options inside your computer. Though this utility is frequently being used by Windows Vista & Windows 7, it’s persistently causing a huge number of problems & errors for computers around the World. In case you are experiencing a 100% CPU usage from conhost.exe, or various errors from this program then you should follow the following steps in order to fix the issue.

What Is ConHost.exe?

This file is used by Windows to control the “host process Command Console” for your PC, precisely a central application which has been designed to help modern Windows computers to run older programs. Despite the ConHost.exe file playing a vital role in the smooth operation of your system, it will recurrently be causing problems for your PC and will often cause large numbers of errors & other issues on your system.


If you are facing any kind of problems with this file then you should repair it in the most effective way possible that can be done simply by following the steps outlined here:

How To Fix ConHost.exe Errors & Problems

1st Step: Uninstall Any Recently Installed Applications

If you’re starting to experience errors with ConHost.exe after installing programs onto your computer, then it suggests this program is to blame for the issues. In order to deal with it, it’s recommended that you re-install the recently installed applications that you have just put onto your system, this can be done by using the steps as following:

  • Click “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs“
  • Locate the program that’s just been installed
  • Remove the program from your computer

By doing this you will simply get rid of all the files & settings the program will be using to run, which will likely prevent any further conhost.exe errors from appearing.

2nd Step: Clean Out Any Viruses On Your PC

It’s suggested to clean out any probable viruses that your computer could have on your system. Virus scanning tools will look through your system and repair any of the infected parts of your computer which could be causing problems for your PC. Virus infections can be big problems for the conhost.exe program, making it essential that you’re able to clean out your system in the most effective way possible.

3rd Step: Repair The “Registry” Of Your PC

The “registry” is a huge cause of conhost.exe errors on your PC because of the way it will keep a large number of important settings that your system uses to run. The registry is basically the Yellow Pages of your system – where your computer will keep everything from your most recent emails to your desktop wallpaper inside. If you’re seeing conhost.exe taking up 100% CPU resources, or causing errors in general, it’s likely going to be down to a registry error on your system, which can be fixed with a registry cleaner.

In this way, by following these steps you will simply get rid of the ConHost.exe Errors & Problems. 

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