How to Get a PC Settings Shortcut on the Windows 8 Desktop

PC Settings

I know like me everyone out there is waiting curiously for 26th October as it’s a big day, after all the much anticipated Windows 8 is launching that day. At One side it is the most innovative operating system having a number of advanced and innovative features but on the other side it lacks some features from which most of the people are user friendly. Along with some other changes, it also doesn’t provide users with the ability to create desktop shortcuts to modern (formerly Metro) apps.  Traditional software and settings programs like Control Panel can easily be placed on the desktop, but the new PC Settings needs to be accessed via the Charms Menu. But you would be glad to know that now a Windows 8 desktop shortcut for PC Settings has been released for free download

Once you have downloaded the .zip file and extracted it, you will find a file called, quite simply, “PC_Settings.exe”.  You can simply copy this file to your desktop or to just about any other location where you may want to add a shortcut for the Windows 8 PC Settings app, including right on the Taskbar, which is perhaps the handiest location for this, providing you use this Windows 8 feature enough to justify using that bit of real estate.

Through the new PC Settings in Windows 8 users are allowed to customize all sorts of Windows settings like the background image on the Lock Screen, Start screen app notifications, setting the PC time, privacy, devices, sync and setting up a homegroup. Basically, it’s the modern replacement for the old Control Panel (which still exists and is unchanged from Windows 7), although it lacks the ability to do things like uninstalling an app.

You can get the PC Settings file as a free download from the folks over at 7 Tutorials. This file is only a 274 KB download so it’s quick and doesn’t use up any of your precious PC resources. It does, however, remind us to wonder why Microsoft decided not to build this ability right into their new Windows 8 operating system.

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