How to add files to the Windows 8 Start Screen

Tile a File

For those using Windows 8 its bit disappointing that Microsoft has limited the file type that user can pin to their start screen. This limitation is similar to the one that was implemented for the taskbar of Windows 7 and upper version of Windows. There were several third party software designed to pin anything that you want to taskbar of Windows 7, likewise there are some software existing to pin anything to Windows 8.

You can use Start Screen Pinner for the purpose but it is not designed for Windows RT so what’s for that? The users who have purchased devices running Windows RT in place of Windows 8 must have experienced that they are limited to have apps for their device as limited apps are available for Windows RT in Windows Store.

For adding files on the Start Screen of Windows 8 as well Windows RT there is a new application Tile a File from which you can easily add files on the start screen of Windows 8 and Windows RT. The program is specifically optimized for touch-enabled devices but also there is support available for mouse and keyboard too. The software is quiet easy to use as it will display you only a single button on program window (as what you can see in the image above) by tapping to it, you will be open up with a built-in file browser, there you have to select the file that you want to pin on Start Screen, this will take you back to the window from where you started. Again you have to tap to the button in order to add the file, I don’t get it why it ask user again to add the file as once they have selected it.

Tile a File allows the user to add single file at a time and this can be a bit irritating as some users may want to a number of files at a time but unfortunately the software does not allow the user to do so.

Over all we can consider Tile a File a good application, especially for Windows RT users as they have only this option to add files on Start Screen of their Operating System. On the other hand Windows 8 users are available with several options other than Tile a File, like one I have mentioned above.

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