How to run Windows 8 apps in window on the desktop

Run Apps in Window on Desktop

There are a number of things regarding Windows 8 that has been hacked, tweaked or modified by some programmers working on Windows 8 apps out there.  If we talk about the alternatives of Start Menu, we have seen tens of them. These are the apps specially designed to go around the start screen to boot in to desktop, and having apps or tweaks to charm bar and those hot corners present in the innovative Windows 8 Start Screen. These include almost every option that we want except for the option to run Windows Store apps in a window on the desktop.

This is what we want and RetroUI Pro brings this option for us. This is worth mentioning that the app is commercial and you have to pay $4.95in order to get its complete functionality which is not available in the free version.

After installing the program you will find an extremely unique and exclusive start menu in your Windows 8. It will defiantly take some time for users to get used too of the app and its innovative start menu but all what it comprises is very important for every user.

Start Menu

RetroUI Pro possesses typical option to bypass the Start Screen along with the option to disable Charm Bars and hot corners and other theme related options. The unique feature that users will find in the program is Enforce mode that allows users to avail two options that were not available in most of the application around.

Of the two, first is the presence of the taskbar of the system on the Start Screen, by using it users will get an access to the programs that are running on the desktop, as well as the start menu, clock and system tray.

The second one is the option to resize the Windows Store apps so that they do not run in the full screen size instead they open up in a window on desktop. But this option is available for single application at a time as once you switch from the app it will hide instantly.

For bringing it back to the front user need to press Alt-Tab but it will be in near maximized state again and not its previous position and size.  However this function is so limited but we still go for it as it is one in its own type. Well we look forward to be more improved in its features in future.

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