How to Save Snapchats Pictures and Video Secretly

Save Snapchat

Do you have an idea of Snapchat? Those using Apple’s iOS on their iPhone or iPad might have heard it and even they have used it too and some of the Android users have an idea of it. Basically it’s a technology through which you can send someone a pic or video which is only available for a limited amount of time and afterwards pictures and video gets itself deleted. Apple iOS offers Snapchat for both pictures and videos but Google Android only offers it for pictures. You have full control over the time of expiration of the pictures or video that you are sending to a recipient. For instance you can take a snapshot and set its expiration time and send it to your one or multiple friends. After the time period that you have set, the recipient won’t be able to view photo and videos again as it would automatically have been deleted. The present trend of sharing pics and videos among friends circle makes a person to stand in risk as his privacy come at risk, so this application is useful for such situation in case you want to share photos and videos with your friends but don’t let them save your content for any kind of misuse.

What for the recipient if he/she want to save snapchat pictures without them knowing. They can take the snapshot of what they see on the phone instantly but this is of no use because the application informs the sender about it. If you want to save the snapshot for a good cause and you don’t want the sender to know about it for instance you are preparing for some kind of surprise for your friend then there is a way to it. For this, connect your phone to your computer > use a file browser to find a temporary file folder that can be used by the application to pick out the photos and videos that the app places in those folders whenever they appear.

Alternatively iOS users can use iFunBox that is app and file manager for their Apple iOS devices. However Android users don’t need any such software as the Snapchat folder is by default present by systems default file browser. You just need to connect your phone or tablet to your PC and browse to the tmp folder of the Snapchat application. Now open up the Snapchat app but don’t open the new message instead open the screen displaying new messages. Now the new file will appear in the tmp folder. Copy the file from the tmp folder to save permanently on your system.

This will help you surprise your friend at any big event of his life like wise a birthday or any anniversary function.

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