How to Fix The video failed to play error in Windows 8

Video Failed to play

I have encountered an error while tend to play Videos on an app on Windows 8. The error appears as “The video failed to play” when I tend to play some video on the app. Initially I thought that this might be due to the restriction from the app developer to allow specific country users only and to restrict some users but then I come to know that this was actually not the case.

First I tried a number of fixes for this situation these include:

  • I uninstall and re-install Windows Media Center.
  • I uninstall and re-install Windows Media player.
  • Changed Internet Explorer zone permissions.
  • I have also installed a system wide codec pack.
  • Used the codec pack to reset all the codec association.
  • Also I have changed the language and region of the system.

When I restarted the system it went into two digit realm and I was up to give up but then I come across the fact that I could run the good old sfc /scannow on my system. This command is actually responsible to scan system files to check if they are either corrupt or modified in some way. As well as it tries to repair those files which are not original anymore. This could be case of crash when the file has been modified by a third party program or some malware.

This is what I have done. For you if you want to run the command on Windows 8 press Windows Key. This will get you to the Start Screen of the System. You can skip this step if you are already on system Start Screen. There type cmd which will show Command Prompt. Right click to it and select Run as Administrator in the bottom toolbar that appears. This allows you to open command prompt with elevated rights. It will offer you UAC prompt, accept it. Enter sfc /scannow here and hit enter.

Command Prompt

Scan will get started and it will just take about a couple of seconds. At the end of the scan it will inform you whether the file is corrupted or not and if it has been succeeded in repairing the fix or not. Once it has dealt with the fix then the videos which were not playing before are now able to play now on.

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