How to Enable Automatic Scan of Removable Drives in Windows 8

Windows Defender for Windows 8

Windows 8 users might have experienced that the Windows Defender does not scan the removable drives whether it is USB drive or some SD card. But you can change it and let the program scan removable drives as well. You can enable this automatic scanning of removable drives just by making a quick and simple change to it.

Windows Defender is the built-in antivirus scanning tool for Windows 8. For enabling scanning for removable drives with Windows Defender first of all you have to open Windows Defender, this can be easily done by typing “Windows Defender” into the Start Screen to search for the application.

Windows Defender

Once you have opened Windows Defender then switch to Settings Tab.

Settings Tab in Windows Defender

In the settings tab find Advanced Settings Option present at left. There you will find an option “Scan Removable Drives”, check mark this option.

Advanced Options

Once you have enabled this option then afterwards whenever you connect any USB drive or any other removable drive it will get scanned automatically.

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