How to Auto Reload tabs in IE, Firefox, Chrome & Opera

Auto reload Web pages

You might have notice that some of the websites refreshes its contents automatically in intervals in case you allow some scripts to run on them. You might have notice this in websites like Twitter where messages are frequently updated or Facebook where news feeds are updated time to time. But not all the websites offers so and this is annoying when you want this feature with some websites. You may want this to happen with Reddit’s front page so as to get the latest post time to time. In this post we are going to tell you that how to automatically reload in different browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer.


We are taking start with Opera just because this is the only web browser that comes with auto reload options. To reload a tab in Opera simply right-click anywhere and choose the “Reload Every” option from the context menu. In this you will have option to select the time in after which you want the page to get automatically reload. You will have options of 30 minutes, 1, 2 or 6 hours, never, or a custom range which can be as low as once every second.


Google Chrome:


In case you are using Google Chrome then you can use Auto-Reload in order to refresh web page.  This extension comes up with a second option that can randomize the reload. This feature may be interesting if the page has a bot protection or if you need to simulate access by real users. This extension also displays ads that can be disabled in the settings in the web browser.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer:

However Internet Explorer does not have so many plug-ins or extensions but it offers some which may be useful for user. Auto Refresher for IE is the add-on which makes the auto reloads functionality to Internet Explorer. You just need to download this add-on from the developer’s website and install it. Afterwards whenever you start Internet Explorer you will see a prompt that asks you whether you want to enable the plugin in the browser. Accept this prompt. Alternatively click on the settings button and select Manage add-ons from the context menu to enable it at a later point in time. This plug-in add a toolbar on your browser that you can use to enable a preset or custom refresh interval.

Internat Explorer

Mozilla Firefox:

In Firefox Tab Auto Reload is the extension that adds the functionality to reload the web page automatically in a specified time interval. What you have to do is to just install the add-on and restart the Firefox, right click on the tab that you want the add-on to reload automatically, or by dragging and dropping the icon it makes available to one of the toolbars of the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

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