How to Sign Out of Yahoo! Mail App in Windows 8

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Just a few weeks ago we let our readers know about the availability of Yahoo! Mail App for Windows 8. However Yahoo! is not the best Mail Service present around but it is popular just because of huge number of users of it. Due to its fame and popularity Yahoo! has released its Windows 8 version too. Yahoo! doesn’t want to be at back of someone so it also joined the race.

Most of the Windows 8 users were waiting for Yahoo! Mail App to get released and just after its release they have downloaded and installed it in their Windows 8 devices. But soon after using the app they come up with a hitch that they don’t know how to sign out or log out of the account in Yahoo! Mail app. If you are also having this question then follow this guide to know how to sign out of Yahoo! Mail App in Windows 8.

Signing out of Yahoo! Mail App is pretty simple and easy. It is somewhat like the native Yahoo! Mail App. The Yahoo! Mail App for Windows 8 does not display the sign out option by default. So you need to access it by opening Charm Bars. What you have to do step wise, let’s figure it out below.

1st Step:

First you need to launch the Yahoo! Mail App on your Windows 8 Device.

2nd Step:

After launching the app, move cursor to upper or lower right corner of your screen. This will open up the charm bars. Those using touch devices can simply swipe charm bars from right side of the screen.

Opening Charm Bars

3rd Step:

Once the Charm Bars appears, tap to settings charm > Click on Sign Out option. This is it. You are simply sign out of your app now.


Isn’t it simple and easy? But what you need is just to know what you have to do for this.

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