Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Free

Adobe Photoshop CS2

Are you one from those who love photo editing and enjoy editing photos? What software you use for the purpose? If someone asks this question to me, I would instantly reply Adobe Photoshop as I find it to be the best image editing software out there. I think most of you would also agree with me at this point as Adobe Photoshop is the most frequently using software for image processing. This is just because of the features and functionalities that it provides.

For the folks looking for the latest version to it, it would be a bounty that Adobe Photoshop has grown up to Photoshop CS6 which is now available on a cost $699. And with the availability of this paid version Adobe is also offering Adobe Photoshop CS2 for download for free for the users who don’t want to spend a penny on it. Although CS2 cannot compare the latest version of Photoshop but the point is you can simply have it for free.

Do you remember how old is CS2? It is actually the software of XP time. It belongs to 2005 when XP rules on PCs. However it is quiet basic at editing pictures but still it is far much better than other those image editing software available around. The features that you can have with CS2 includes Camera RAW 3.x support, smart objects, image warp, spot healing brush, red-eye tool, lens correction filter, smart sharpen, smart guides, vanishing point, high dynamic imaging (HDRI). All these features were introduced with the release of Adobe Photoshop CS2.

As I told you that Adobe Photoshop CS2 was released in time of XP. But you can download this version for Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 as well. This could work well on Windows 8 Pro (x64) without any issues. But if any of you folks have any hitch in downloading and installing the program in your Operating system higher than XP can simply run the program in Windows XP compatibility mode.

From the download page you just have to select the appropriate link as according to your device. As links are available for both Windows & Mac, you can choose according to your OS. Download PhSp_CS2_English.exe file from the download page. With the setup link the serial key is also provided. Simply download the binary file and once it is downloaded run the installer. Enter the serial key when asked and you can simply have Adobe Photoshop CS2 in your system for fee.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS2

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