How to change Screen Resolution to run Windows 8 apps on a Netbook


Are you running Windows 8 on a netbook? You might be having a problem in running the modern Windows 8 apps on it. Actually all the Windows 8 apps are designed for a screen resolution of 1024×768. But not all netbooks come with this screen size resolution, as most of the netbooks are designed with 1024×600 resolution. Due to this difference in the resolution size most of the Windows 8 apps do not open on the netbook. We have a trick to deal with this problem. Through this trick you just let the Windows assume that you have the required resolution size.

Most of the computer and technology geeks are aware of it that the netbooks are integrated with Intel’s graphics and it has a hidden option to enable downscaling. From this option you can set a higher screen resolution in Windows. When you use the option of downscaling, the graphics driver will “downscale” the image to fit your screen.

However this trick works well but may be it won’t work for all. May be this is because it work for some specific chipsets. Let’s see how to use this option for downscaling.

1st Step:

First you have to launch registry editor, for this Press Windows key> Type regedit > Press Enter.


2nd Step:

In Registry Editor find display1_downscaling_supported setting, for this Press Ctrl+F and type in the search box display1_downscaling_supported.


3rd Step:

This will display you“Display1_DownScalingSupported” setting in the right pane. Double-click to it and it will ask you value data, set it to 1.

May be you won’t find this result just because this trick doesn’t work for you. If so then you shouldn’t try to add this setting yourself because it is graphics-driver-dependent.

Search Result

4th Step:

Now you have to set this value for every Display1_DownScalingSupported setting to 1. For this you have to press F3 key. This will repeat the search and so you can manually set the value for each every Display1_DownScalingSupported setting to 1.

Setting Value

5th Step:

Once you have set the value of all Display1_DownScalingSupported settings to 1 then Restart your system. Once it gets restarted then Open Screen Resolution Window. Here you will see option of Resolution which is customizable. Set it to 1024×768, and now you can easily run Modern Style Windows 8 app on your system. 

Screen Resolution Settings

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