How to Switch Back to Old Compose in Gmail

Switch to old compose in Gmail

Google is a company that never stops working. It keeps on forwarding changes to users with their products. Some of these changes are so minor to go through eyes and some a so major that they effect day to day working of the users. This is the thing that you have come across in Gmail. Google a few weeks back change the interface of Gmail Compose Window.

Initially when Google introduced this new Gmail Compose Window, it let users choose whether they want to switch to the new feature of not but later on this change was made to all accounts. Some of the users warmly welcomed it that the new Gmail Compose Windows Appear right on the same screen you were working at the lower right corner of the screen while others didn’t like it at all.

With this new feature when you click compose button Gmail a small window appears in the bottom right corner. This Windows although give you space enough to type your message and even all the features that you want to make use of are accessible in this small windows but still may be you are more comfortable with the former composing style in which composing takes place in separate page.

How to Switch back

For now Google is enabling you to switch back to the old Compose. If you want to switch back to old compose, it is pretty easy to do it. Just click Compose button. This will pop-up the Compose Window. Find the down arrow at the bottom of the Window. Click on it, in pull down menu find Temporarily switch back to old compose option. Click on it, you will be displayed with a small pop-up window that will ask you for confirmation. On this dialog click on Temporary Switch Back button.

Switch to old compose in Gmail

As you see this button say Temporary Switch back, so it means this change is going to be on temporary basis and thus it is not a permanent one. Just because Google is going to remove the old compose eventually and there is not really anything you can do about it. So you can use this old compose for some time now and the finally you have to switch back to this new one.

Any ways for the time the old Compose is available, make use of it and now you know well how to switch back to the old compose. If you find any difficulty regarding this, feel free to ask about it in the comment field below. 

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    You have just fixed something that was not broken!
    Give us back the original Gmail Compose feature. There was nothing wrong with it.


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